• 1. THE TONE..!! Playing a metal

    pick adds a whole new dimension to your sound. The notes seem to pop out of your amp. There is more high end and presence. The tone feels alive and responsive. Increased harmonic overtones and richness compliment the enhanced dynamic range and sparkle.

  • 2. Speed and dexterity are improved

    by the aggressive gripping surface.

    By not shifting or sliding during playing your hand can relax and allow for more fluid, effortless picking.

  • 3. Increased responsiveness. The holes in the pick are a weight relief  which moves the center of gravity forward, closer to the strings. This allows for less effort to alternate pick and helps to balance the pick. The metal construction has zero flex so no energy is lost due to the pick bending. Every note is felt more due to metal on metal contact.

  • 4. A metal pick that finally plays like a normal pick. All the edges are machined with a smooth radius all the way around so there are no sharp corners to get caught up on the strings. They just glide right over them. You won't feel like your playing a heavy slow piece of metal. They are light and super fast!!!

So why choose a metal pick?





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